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In keeping with the phrase, “Sho and paintings are fundamentally the same,” the origin of characters lies in pictography, and both sho and painting are considered to share the same roots.
I give full play to my thoughts about the origin of characters and their changes and development over the course of human evolution and history, and I produce my works by sublimating the images I receive from these characters (including kanji and ancient scripts) into my creations. In addition, I pursue stereoscopic lines with the glossy look and the calm and mysterious beauty of flowing marks formed by blurs of pale sumi ink.

KOBE ART MARSHE’ 2022    room No.1328

開催の様子はexhibition : 神戸アートマルシェ2022 へ➜



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ーnow or neverー
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ー書の心 絵の心ー
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